Local Teen, 15, Killed On ATV Motorcycle Leaving Gardena Driveway

GARDENA (CBSLA.com) — Authorities say a 15-year-old riding a four-wheeled all-terrain motorcycle out of a Gardena driveway was killed in a collision with another vehicle Thursday.

The fatal crash happened around 1 p.m. on El Segundo Boulevard west of Vermont Avenue, said California Highway Patrol Officer D. Zulueta.

The victim, who was not wearing a helmet, rode the quad southbound out of a private driveway onto El Segundo Boulevard. The motorcycle collided with a westbound 1996 Toyota driven by a 20-year-old Inglewood woman, Zulueta said.

The victim — an LA resident — was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim’s name and gender were not released pending notification of next of kin.

The quad rider was ejected onto the street and the Toyota, in turn, collided with a westbound 2007 Nissan being driven by a 63-year-old Temple City man, according to Zulueta.

The other drivers were not injured, Zulueta said.

El Segundo Boulevard was closed in both directions between Vermont and Berendo Avenues to accommodate the crash investigation, according to the CHP.emergencyadmin-ajax-php5

Popular Brands of Motorcycle Helmets

When you’re flying down the road on your favorite hog or crotch rocket, the last thing you want to worry about is your machine malfunctioning, or a car pulling in front you, flying over the handlebars, and ending up with a nasty head injury. Everybody knows that the best way to prevent this from happening is to wear a helmet. The answer hasn’t changed, and will never change– what our mothers told us as we were beginning to ride our first bikes (the kind you pump) holds true today: if you want to stay safe on the asphalt, you’ve gotta wear a helmet. The dangers of the road are only amplified when you hop on a motorized bike and start cranking it into gear going over 80 miles per hour.

Still, there is a way to ride in style and show your true colors. The right brands of motorcycle helmet have made it possible to get the highest levels of protection while still showing off  the edge that you have and deserve as a rider.

Motorcycle helmets are available in so many colors they would make your head spin– figuratively, of course. With so many different brands and styles, nearly anything you can dream up is available to you at the click of a button. You want a different helmet for every day of the week? A helmet for your mood? You got it!  A classic matte black motorcycle helmet is a great choice for every  ride, from a night out on the town to cruising through the countryside. If you sometimes ride with a companion, you can always be prepared by getting your lady (or man) a helmet in their favorite color.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to think outside the box and rev your personality– like your engine– right in people’s faces. In that case, consider getting a retro motorcycle helmet, a novelty motorcycle helmet, a military motorcycle helmet, or a unique vintage motorcycle helmet. All the best brands offer creative options that are certain to get you pumped to ride.  Arai motorcycle helmets, Shoei motorcycle helmets,Bell motorcycle helmets, Schuberth motorcycle helmets are among the most well made and popular helmets available commercially to riders today.

Our carefully researched info will help  pick the best motorcycle helmet to suit your needs, so you can get out there, get dirty, and rock the road while keeping your head screwed on right!


Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet and The Helmet Camera


Have you ever been out riding on your bike and felt your phone begin to vibrate? Talking on the phone while driving a car is one thing, but talking on a phone while operating a motorcycle is something completely different. It’s important to remember that no matter how skilled you are, using a handset while steering a motorbike is dangerous for yourself and others, especially at high speeds.  Luckily, technology has finally come far enough so that bike riders can have it both ways.

See, the function of a helmet is no longer limited to protecting your head. New innovations have come that allow for motorcycle helmets to act in more than one capacity. Get an earload of this: It is now possible to listen to music, talk on the phone, or record what you see while on your ride—all with your specialized helmet. Keep your hands on the handlebars, and your focus on the road, but double your fun with an accessorized helmet. Here are just a few of the amazing advances that have been made in the helmet world as of late—the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and the Motorcycle helmet camera.

The Creation of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Car owners can now use their car to talk to others with their phone. Bluetooth technology has made it possible for phones to be coordinated with the speakers and microphone system of a car. Riffing off of this idea, inventors have created the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, integrated with the same technologies that allow for a hands-off communication experience. Bluetooth Motorcycle helmets have all the durability and functionality of most high quality helmets. Most include ventilation systems, SPF visors, and washable interior linings.

While the open road can be exhilarating, most all riders will agree that the constant roar of the road is not. These technologies also make it possible for you to listen to music while you drive. No longer do you have to battle with getting earbuds underneath your helmet—they’re already right there for your listening and talking pleasure. The quality of speaker within the helmet varies by price, so keep that in mind if you decide to look for Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

So you wish you could bottle up your awesome rides through stunning gorges?  Or show other people how awesome it is to do a flip on your road bike? Now you can.  The introduction of the Go-Pro camera gave the world a whole new way of experiencing sports second-hand. Specialized high resolution cameras allow anyone to enjoy the thrill of creating and viewing footage of their own experience, as though through their eyes.

Now, other companies have created specialized motorcycle helmet cameras that are affordable and exciting. They are light and easy to attach. With digital recording, you can use the camera as much as you please without having to keep paying for film. Try one out today, let us know how it goes, and ride strong!

Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

We don’t just carry the usual helmets you’re used to seeing– we’ve got motorcycle helmets for ladies and kids. We’ve also got helmets made to impress– our carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are tougher and lighter than anything else out there, and our Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are made to keep you connected on the road.

How do you begin to choose? By finding the right type of motorcycle helmet for your needs.

See, the right type of motorcycle helmet will make a difference in how comfortable your riding experience is, as each helmet will fit the head slightly differently and will put pressure on your skull in different places. Trying out the right type and brand before purchasing your favorite online can save you money that can be put towards your riding passion in other ways. If you’re wanting a helmet that will leave no part of your head uncovered, go for a full face motorcycle helmet. These helmets leave a clear visor of plastic across the eyes and nose for sight but otherwise offer full coverage. For absolute protection, you can’t find a better choice than a full face motorcycle helmet.

An open face helmet offers less protection but more freedom and connection with the world. With an open face helmet, you are able to hear more, feel more, and see more than you would be able to with another kind of helmet.

If you want to strike a balance and find an option between absolute protection and absolute freedom, try a modular or ‘flip-up’ helmet. This choice in motorcycle helmet offers you the best of both worlds.

Other great options–depending on your riding habits and uses for your helmet– include the motocross helmet, which allows for more movement of the neck and head, as well as the half-helmet, which covers the top of the head only.

We’ve got all the choices you need right here and can give you the information for making the right choice in both brand and type of motorcycle helmet. Contact us or browse our brands to get started!

Popular Helmet Colors

Popular Helmet Colors

When you’re picking a motorcycle helmet, you have a choice to make that doesn’t really pertain to the amount of protection the helmet will give you. Motorcycle helmet color may or may not matter to you, but I’ve always thought it was fun to have an assortment of colors to wear depending on the day and on my mood. Your personality can be expressed by a color that you choose for your helmet. Red helmets usually signify a biker not afraid to take risks and eager to be noticed. Color can also signify the gender of the rider if it’s otherwise difficult to tell (we all know how padding and leather jackets can kind of obscure that fact).  I know many rider women who like to show off their feminine side while riding by wearing a pink or purple helmet.

However, some motorcycle helmet colors can provide benefits beyond sharing personality or preference. Let’s look at a few options of colored helmets that actually have a unique function:

Reflective Motorcycle Helmet:

A reflective motorcycle helmet uses highly reflective surfaces on the exterior of the helmet. There are quite a few benefits of having a reflective helmet. If you like riding during the night or evening, a reflective surface will catch available light and signal to other drivers that a motorist is near if your lights are dim. Reflective motorcycle helmets are an added precaution when riding. They will help you stay more visible on the road, and the more you can stay visible, the more protected you will be from an accident.

A reflective helmet will also keep you slightly cooler during hot days because extra light will not be absorbed into the helmet, but reflected outward.  If you don’t want to pay for a reflective motorcycle helmet, you can still get the advantages. In fact, it’s not possible to create your own reflective motorcycle helmet with the help of a decal kit. With highly reflective stickers that you can apply yourself to a motorcycle helmet, you can have all the advantages of a reflective motorcycle helmet without having to but a brand new helmet.

A Matte Black Motorcycle helmet is my personal favorite. What’s so special about a black motorcycle helmet, you may ask?  First of all, black is a great color for any occasion. The matte finish gives the helmet a very subtle classic look. Plus, if you do happen to crash, a matte black motorcycle helmet will not look quite as bad as a shiny helmet would if it gets damaged or dropped.